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  “I never watch the midnight show, nor do I entertain late at night. I try to go to bed early, and by the film industry's standard, I am considered an early sleeper. I never let down the curtain when I sleep, as I like to let the early morning sun wakes me. Seeing the first ray of sun excites me, for it is the beginning of a new day! I believe one should always follow the rhythm of nature— to rise and rest according to the cycle of the sun.”

——Zheng Pei Pei, veteran actress in her 60s.



  “Sleep is so important to my mental well-being. Staying up makes me uncomfortable.”

——Crowd Lu, Taiwanese indie singer-song writer



  “Every dawn, I admire the flowers through the dim light of the dawn's ray. Meditating before the flowers is like considering the slow unfurling of a long journey of life. Like the lifespan of a flower at its end, one's vision blurs with the age, one's hair greys with the years, but like every flower, one's life would have its bloom, so wondrous, so glorious.”

——Jiang Xun, Taiwanese writer

  ◆“The early morning has gold in its mouth.”

——Benjamin Franklin



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